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Image of Laurena Longarm Quilting Boston binding strip

Sewing Binding Strips

Binding your quilt? You’re almost done! Then again, it’s not done. There’s still plenty of stitching pleasure are still ahead. (Don’t want to deal with binding? Laurena’s Longarm offers complete binding services).

For most of the quilts we bind, we cut 2.5″ strips on the grain, joining the strips on the bias.
One quilter at our studio shared her favorite way to remember which way to sew the bias strips with Gwen. which she called the pants method. bindingsew

  • Pretend your binding strips are a pair of trousers.
  • Sew the strips across the “waistband” of the pants.
  • Remember no one want the crotch of their trousers sewn in half!

You can stack a pile of “trousers” and chain sew the strips together. Trim off the excess fabric, set the seam and press the binding strips in half.

The Crafty Gemini  offers a slew of video tutorials and Alanna thought this one was a good introduction to binding your quilt.

Everyone has their binding tricks and trips. Do you have any favorite ways that makes sewing binding strips easier for you?

Rent mid arm quilter Charm at Boston Laurena Longarm

Gammill’s The Charm now in Boston

Is it time for a charming free motion machine in your life? Oh, yes, we have a cutie for you. Presenting:

Gammill Charm at Laurena Longarm Quilting Boston
The Charm sits in a table with extendable side and back leaves.

The Charm, by Gammill

Boston now has a resident Charm at Laurena’s Longarm Quilting! Whether you are shopping for a mid arm machine or just looking for a more comfortable sit down free motion quilting experience, give Laurena a call.

As soon as we set her up, we pulled out muslin to start playing around.

Image of Gammill Charm at Laurena Longarm Quilting Boston

The tablet is easy to read, the sewing area is beautifully lit and the muslin slid under the presser foot. The Charm is a great choice for free motion quilters, but thanks to the laser light, you can rest a motif on the quilt and follow the light if you would like to follow a written motif.

There’s no zippers needed and no class prerequisite to rent the Charm. Choose from more than 100 quilting threads we have on hand or bring your own. The Charm even has a basting stitch option. If your quilt is not overly large, you could baste it on the machine. Rent the Charm for $12 an hour.

Stop by to welcome our charming new mid arm quilting machine to Burlington. You can give us a call at 781-608-7891 or email info at burlingtonlongarm dot com to set up a time to give it a stitch.