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Love longarm quilting? Become an LLQ Subscriber

Laurena Longarm Quilting Boston rentals
Another top becomes a cozy quilt!

Turning a top into a quilt is a great feeling! For many of our customers, becoming a Longarm Subscriber is a fabulous way to make sure that feeling happens every month.

What is the LLQ Subscriber Program? It allows quilters to pay monthly for longarm rental hours. Quilters purchase these hours at a reduced rate and use them as needed. If the hours aren’t used up in a month, the hours roll over and do not expire. If the subscriber needs more hours in a month, he or she is able to purchase additional hours at the reduced rate.

Subscribers agree to participate in the program for at least 6 months. If they find themselves accumulating too many hours after the initial time period, Laurena allows them to freeze the subscription for up to 3 months in a calendar year. If, after 6 months, the subscription doesn’t turn out to be the right fit, you can cancel with 30 days notice. The hours are in your “bank” to use as needed.

What a deal, right? This is one way to make sure you get your longarm quilting fix at a great price. Rates depend on the number of hours in the subscription.

Become a Longarm Subscriber at 4, 6 or 8 hours per month at only $17.50/hour. You do need to reserve blocks of at least 4 hours each time you come to the studio.

Need more time? Become a Longarm Subscriber at 10 or 12 hours per month at $15.00/hour. You reserve at least 6 hours each time you come to the studio.

And wait, there’s more (just had to say it!)…

Longarm subscribers still benefit from the frequent renter program. So, each time you pay for 25 hours of longarm rental, you receive 4 free.

Do you need any more excuse to quilt more? Definitely not!

Click to download the subscriber guidelines under the Subscription Program description for all of the details.

And if you have any questions, call or email and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Laurena Longarm Quilting pieces backs near Boston

We can piece that back for you!

What to do if you just don’t feel like piecing together that quilt back?

Bring it to Laurena’s Longarm Quilting!
We construct quilt backs in all sizes, from baby to California King.

Our costs are quite reasonable and you can count on a solidly pieced back.  Take a peek at our brochure for a complete list of the prices and services available, but here’s the basic pricing for backs.

Quilt Back Piecing (priced by square inch)
Quilt Top Size(length x width) Single Seam Surcharge formatch, multi seam
<2,000 sq inch $15 $10
2,001 – 6,999 $20 $10
7,000 – 9,999 $25 $10
10,000 + $30 $15

Let’s say you have a queen size quilt that measures 62″ x 84″. Its area (length times width) is 5,208″. If you just need one single seam, the cost would be $20. Does your fabric have a large scale or directional print that needs matching? Then it would cost $30.

(That reminds me, I said I’d write a post on how to match directional fabrics…)

If you’ve been a longtime Laurena customer, you immediately notice that this table is  more complex than our old flat rate. It makes sense that prices reflect the actual time spent on the work involved, right?

Any questions? We’re always happy to help!

Announcing: the Annex!

Laurena got the best present ever.

Boston Longarm Hub - Laurena Longarm Quilting

As you would know from Laurena’s emails in 2014 (not on the list? You could fix that now!),

she needed/hoped for a more spacious setting. In early 2014, she made a list of what she wanted/needed to create a better hub for longarm quilters. After numerous property visits, she found a pretty ideal spot… a couple of times. As you may have experienced, real estate is an industry with unpredictable moments. For different reasons, none of the places worked out. By fall, she was pretty discouraged.

Many of her customers asked, “When will you move?”

Laurena began to wonder how this would turn out. With a second Statler Stitcher, new employees, Laurena’s Longarm Quilting was bursting at the seams. Hmm… What about another space in her same building?

Hurray! While another space on the same floor didn’t have all of the wish list items, here was the space she needed at an acceptable price. It was just a matter of waiting for the previous tenant to evacuate their equipment, electricity and heating to be updated/installed, putting in new carpet, signing a lease, being patient, and YES! She got the keys to the Annex just a few days before Christmas.

Since then, Laurena’s replaced the ceiling tiles (phew! 30 years of nicotine charged dust), painted and prepared for the expansion. Custom quilting, storage and office work will all take place in the Annex. Longarm quilting customers will enjoy a much more spacious experience. There will be room for the additional mid arm stand up machine, joining the existing Vision, Plus, Statler and of course, the new sit down mid-arm Charm.

Laurena’s having a great time nesting in the new space. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Gifts Ideas for Quilters for the 2014 Holidays from Laurena Longarm Quilting

What do Quilters want for Christmas?

“What do quilters want,” our families may ask as the holidays approach? We love fabric, but do we need more? What we really want is time to quilt, right? May we suggest….

Holiday Gifts for Quilters at Laurena's Longarm Quilting
Swirled Christmas Tree Quilt Pattern by Frivolous Necessity is available on

5 Holiday Gift Ideas for Quilters

  1. A Quilting Cruise. (We can think big!) Sew Many Places has a large range of destinations and teachers available for 2015.
  2. A Quilt Retreat. Quilting by the Lake in upstate New York always has a fabulous range of teachers lined up, if you want to think big but not that big.
  3. A Gift Certificate to Laurena’s Longarm Quilting 🙂 Use your gift certificate for any of our quilting services: Custom or edge to edge quilting.Or, rent  longarm machines or our new Charm, the sit down quilting machine. You can pay for batting, zippers, notions or the great quilt backs from Sew Batik. Thank you for your business!
  4. A Quilt Appraisal.   You may have finished a beautiful work in 2014. If something should happen, replacing it may be difficult. Appraising your work, or a vintage or heirloom quilt in your possession is something we may procrastinate. The American Quilter’s Society maintains a list of registered appraisers. What a gift that shows your family values your hard work!
  5. Peace on earth. As much as we enjoy making comfort quilts, how wonderful would it be if those drastic emergencies disappeared (or at least diminished). This has been on my holiday wish list for years.

Enjoy the season!

Save 15% on allover patterns through July 31, 2014

Who would have guessed that my first post would be about saving money?

“Save,” you ask? “How do you save?”

It’s just 3 steps….

  1. Make an appointment to drop off your quilt (email info at burlingtonlongarm dot com or call Laurena at (781) 608-7891)
  2. Get your quilt top and backing to her Burlington studio by July 31, 2014
  3. Choose from a range of edge to edge patterns in stock. You’ll also choose your thread color and Voilà! Save 15% off Laurena’s regular pricing on pantograph allover quilting.
Save this summer when you quilt using theStatler Stitcher
A Statler Stitcher ready to quilt your top!

That’s not too difficult, right?

This is perfect timing for quilts heading out with college bound kids, or to get a head start on tops for fall quilt shows.

Your top will be quilted using one of our Statler Stitcher machines. I love the way you can scale the pattern to your quilt, choosing the offset and stitches per inch. Bring your own batting, or choose from Laurena’s wide range of options.

Stay tuned! I’ll share some of the interesting patterns Laurena has already loaded onto the computer in upcoming posts.