Laurena recommends Boston Custom Quilters

Custom Quilters in the Boston area

When she began Laurena’s Longarm Quilting in 2007, Laurena  imagined that she would use her hand guided Gammill machine to turn customer tops into quilts. It wasn’t long when she realized that new clients might enjoy quilting their own quilts and she began teaching others how to use longarm quilting machines.Laurena recommends Boston Custom Quilters

That was many quilts ago! Since 2008, nearly 500 people learned how to use longarm quilting machines at Laurena’s. She’s purchased a small fleet of hand guided and computerized quilting machines. As she looks at the future of Laurena’s Longarm Quilting, she realizes that hand guided custom quilting will not be the business focus.

Laurena decided to no longer accept hand guided custom quilting work. She will happily accept edge to edge Statler Stitcher projects (the majority of her “quilt by check” customers use this service). And fortunately, Laurena can recommend other custom quilters in the Boston area.

Margo Coates of Dragonfly Longarm Quilting

Krista Ellis can be contacted at or at (781) 938-6594

Julie Legere of Ironworks Quilting

Carrie Zizza of It’s a Zizza Machine Quilting

Diana Reinhardt Annis is based out of Norton.  You can reach her at 508-285-4986 See some of her work on her Pinterest Page.

If you’ve got a custom job already in Laurena’s queue, don’t worry! She will definitely complete the work she promised. But if you are looking for a hand guided custom quilter, take a look at this list. Or, bring your quilt in and we can suggest some strategies to have the Statler Stitcher quilt that top.