Machine Rental Policy

Pricing: All Optimum machines including the Statler are $25.00 .

Appointments: Offered as available on a first come, first served basis. Appointment times are firm. The clock begins 15 minutes after appointment time; this allows time for choosing thread and pattern. Putting on zippers, squaring the back, and other quilt preparation steps are best completed at home.  Loading the quilt on the machine and any steps not completed prior to the appointment are considered part of the rental block.

Cancellation: No cancellation fee applies at this time; however, please be courteous and call by your appointment time to inform me that you will not be coming.

Machine Use: Machines will sound an alarm if they are driven too fast.  Continuing to drive the machine too fast can result in damage to the machine.  Please be courteous and remember that others are depending on healthy machines to complete their projects.  Our studio is not a good fit for users who won’t abide by this policy.