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Bright pink sign outside Laurena Longarm Quilting Burlington Boston

February: The Snowy Whoosh!

Can you believe we’ve gone 10 days without a snowstorm? Only flurries and signs of melting snow. February went by in a flurry both figuratively and literally.

If you missed the Open House the Statler Stitcher Creative Studios classes, we were delighted that the snow held off. Thanks to all who came! It was a great turn out, a good way to stop shoveling and quilting to socialize.  We enjoyed chatting with everyone, sharing a warm drink and a nibble (or two).

Jaws dropped when quilters walked into the new space (we’re wondering if “the Annex” nickname may be replaced by “the Blue Room”). Brian Tjelta shared tidbits from the latest software version for the Statler Stitcher.

Gamill quilting machines at Burlington Longarm Boston

Everyone gravitated around the Virtual Quilt Show. Nearly 100 photos were contributed by more than 36 people. Close ups, on the bed, held up by family, just off the frame or hung professionally, it was an inspiring sight to see.

On Monday, it was back to snow storms…..

While we’re still getting used to the extra space, we already appreciate not squeezing everything into the original room. More later, but for now, there’s quilting to be done!

Back to work… whoosh!

Hanging the Open House “Virtual Quilt Show”

In our email reminder and on our Facebook page we announced our hope to project images of  quilts worked on at Laurena’s over the years. Whether it is a custom quilting job that Laurena did or a quilt done individually, we thought this would be a great way to celebrate the many tops that have become quilts since Laurena started the business.

Computer guided Statler Stitcher at Laurena Longarm

Many, many, many thanks for everyone who contributed to the Virtual Quilt Show! Alanna’s putting the slide show together. If everything goes as planned, we’ll enjoy seeing a great many quilts at the Open House with no white gloves necessary 🙂

Can we request no snow on Saturday?