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Our Statler patterns are now online!

To see all available Statler patterns, click on the menu item “Statler Pattern Catalog”.  Each of the links on that page bring up approximately 100 patterns that are available.  Pattern designations are as follows:

  • e2e
    • edge to edge patterns.  This includes patterns that are nested when set up.
  • b2b
    • border to border – patterns that can fit inside a border.  Contains no nested patterns.
  • blocks
    • patterns or motifs that can fill a block. Includes squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds, etc.
  • border/corner
    • these patterns can be used to quilt a border separate from the interior of the quilt. Most of the border patterns also include a corner pattern that can be used with the border.
  • sashing
    • similar to borders/corners, but smaller and less complex.
  • posts
    • similar to blocks, but smaller and less complex.