Laurena Longarm Quilting pieces backs near Boston

We can piece that back for you!

What to do if you just don’t feel like piecing together that quilt back?

Bring it to Laurena’s Longarm Quilting!
We construct quilt backs in all sizes, from baby to California King.

Our costs are quite reasonable and you can count on a solidly pieced back.  Take a peek at our brochure for a complete list of the prices and services available, but here’s the basic pricing for backs.

Quilt Back Piecing (priced by square inch)
Quilt Top Size(length x width) Single Seam Surcharge formatch, multi seam
<2,000 sq inch $15 $10
2,001 – 6,999 $20 $10
7,000 – 9,999 $25 $10
10,000 + $30 $15

Let’s say you have a queen size quilt that measures 62″ x 84″. Its area (length times width) is 5,208″. If you just need one single seam, the cost would be $20. Does your fabric have a large scale or directional print that needs matching? Then it would cost $30.

(That reminds me, I said I’d write a post on how to match directional fabrics…)

If you’ve been a longtime Laurena customer, you immediately notice that this table is  more complex than our old flat rate. It makes sense that prices reflect the actual time spent on the work involved, right?

Any questions? We’re always happy to help!